3 Affordable DSLR Camera Stabilizers

Whether you are a full time content creator, a freelance videographer, or just a devoted parent filming your Childs sporting events there is nothing worse than uploading footage from your camera only to find out that it is too shaky to use. Lets be clear, unless you are a perfectionist, having shaky footage of your 5 year olds soccer games might not be the worst thing in the world. However if you are someone that makes money filming or even just a person who simply takes pride in doing great work whenever possible it is EXTREMELY important for you to invest in a stabilizer for your camera. As the owner of a full time video production company I tend to use motorized gimbals and other expensive stabilizers to cut down on the amount of focus that I need to put into making sure that my work does not come out shaky however there are many options out there that come with less of a learning curve and much less of a burden on your pockets. In this brief article I am going to lay out my top 3 DSLR camera stabilizers for videographers on a budget. Each one will be specifically geared toward a particular aspect of filming however they can be used for anything that you have in mind. I can also say that I have personally used each item on this list and still use all of them at times (with the exception of the tripod which I have traded in for a more expensive model). This article will contain affiliate links to each product that will allow you to purchase them using the fast and reliable amazon website. If you purchase anything using any of these affiliate links I will get a small percentage of it at no extra cost to you guys so that is one of the many ways to help support our brand. So, here are my top 3 affordable DSLR camera stabilizers.

1) "The pistol grip" ($11.99)

The first stabilizer on this list is by far the simplest both by design and in terms of how to use it. That being said it is also EXTREMELY effective. The pistol grip is excellent for fast paced projects that require you to move a great deal while you are filming. It easily fits in your camera bag or even one of your pants pockets if necessary which makes it easy to travel with and can be equipped in no time by screwing the 1/4 inch attachment into the bottom of your camera. It has a comfortable hand grip and it is relatively durable for the price of only 12 dollars. Having the camera mounted on a flat surface while moving it up down left and right reduces the camera shake considerably compared to filming with your bare hands. Overall the pistol grip is a great choice for beginners looking to travel light and reduce camera shake on their fast paced projects. Click the following link to see some offers from amazon. "Andoer pistol grip stabilizer": https://amzn.to/2WZdDD7

2) "The handle grip" ($14.99)

Coming in at #2 on the list is the handle grip. The handle grip stabilizer is my personal favorite out of the 3 on the list due to the functionality of it. Not only is it great for improving camera stabilization in general compared to filming bare hand but it is amazing at capturing b-roll footage. I still use the handle grip stabilizer often to capture panning footage from all different angles that can often turn into some quality b-roll which is important for enhancing your videos. All of the footage in this linked video https://youtu.be/DOFZG99weRk aside from the stand still interview was shot with my canon 90d mounted on the same zeadio handle grip stabilizer that I am going to link in this section. The camera screws into a 1/4 inch screw from the bottom platform and can be conveniently in all 4 directions. There is also a place to mount your shotgun microphone right at the top of the stabilizer in order to capture higher quality audio (If you need a shotgun mic I will link one as well). If you are looking to spend a bit more money the Zeadio handle grip has a host of supporting attachments such as a rig for mounting your smart phone to the stabilizer and even a second handle that can turn it into a two handed stabilizer for maximum stability. The handle grip is a beginner level stabilizer as it is very easy to use. It is a little bit larger than the pistol grip making it slightly less convenient to carry with you however it does fold down for easy storage.

Zeadio handle grip stabilizer: https://amzn.to/2AsnaLf

Canon EOS 90d camera body: https://amzn.to/3616XIQ

Rode shotgun microphone: https://amzn.to/2Aq69Bo

3) "The Tripod" ($25.99)

The last stabilizer on this list is probably the one that is the most sought out and thought of when it comes to getting started in videography. The reason is likely because it is the most essential. Although the two stabilizers above are great for reducing camera shake and small and easier to carry around, both the pistol grip and the handle grip rely on you holding them while the tripod holds itself. This makes the tripod the best option out of the 3 for point and shoot projects such as interviews, the main part of wedding ceremonies, etc. Because the tripod stands on its own three legs all you have to do is turn your camera on and as long as nothing shakes or moves the tripod the footage will be completely free of shaking. This makes the tripod an excellent partner with one of the other two stabilizers because you can pop the camera on the tripod for still shots and transfer it to one of the others for moving shots. Just about all tripods come with a retractable plate which has the 1/4 inch screw in to the bottom of your camera so that you can take the camera off of the tripod by simply releasing the plate instead of having to unscrew it each time. As with anything else tripods will have more features and become more durable the more money that you are willing to spend on them, however if you are just getting started in videography and need a reliable buddy to carry around for point and shoot footage the affordable one in this article will do you just fine.

60 inch tripod: https://amzn.to/2T9yoLs

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