Low Country Elite 2027: A team on the rise

Low Country Elite is no doubt one of the premier AAU basketball organizations in the low country. Since their founding in 2008 they have had 31 kids go through their program and go to either college or the military and they currently have 14 kids enrolled in college. Coach Ivan Jenkins, the head coach of the LCE 2027 team, has extremely high hopes for the new young team that he is developing and moving into their second year together he hopes to lead them to a national championship.

"A man with a vision"

32 year old Ivan Jenkins grew up in North Charleston South Carolina where he fell in love with the sport of basketball. He graduated in 2005 from Stall High School where he was a standout basketball player. In 2009 Mr. Jenkins began coaching and fell in love with yet another aspect of the game of basketball, mentoring young men. His hard work and passion is shown through the results that he has seen with his former athletes. The Low Country Elite C/O 2019 team that he finished coaching through high school consisted of 12 young men that are all currently furthering their lives in one way or another.

6 of them attend division I colleges, 3 of the attend division II colleges, one of them attends a junior college, one has taken up the trade of welding, and one has joined our military. Coach Jenkins takes great pride in all of his former athletes and continues to check on and keep a good relationship with them to this day. After the class of 2019 graduated Coach Jenkins saw it as an opportunity to start anew with a different group of young men that he could mold to become the future of Charleston basketball. Those boys now make up the team that is known as Low Country Elite 2027....

"New Beginnings"

After realizing that his journey with his team from the class of 2019 was coming to an end, Coach Ivan Jenkins began his search for a new team. The idea was to start young and develop a group of boys into young men. Coach Jenkins scouted 3rd grade basketball players from all over the Charleston area even going as far as to visit them at school to make sure that their academics were in order. After a long and rigorous search for potential superstars coach Jenkins had his team put together and was ready to get to work with practice. Preparing his boys for the national level was always at the front of coaches mind. "whenever we play local tournaments we play up an age group to get better competition", Coach Jenkins stated in one interview. His hard work and dedication to the team payed off when they finished the 2019 AAU basketball season ranked 2nd nationally and 1st among all teams in the state of South Carolina for the class of 2027. This powerful young team won over 6 tournaments (2 of them being big shots) and fell just short of a national championship in Pigeon Forge, TN.


As excited as he was about their achievements in their first year together coach Jenkins firmly believes that they will be an even better team in the upcoming 2020 AAU season. "we hungry, we some dogs, all dogs know how to do is eat, and we coming for everything we deserve in 2020" -Coach Ivan Jenkins. Subscribe to our Youtube page "Streat Clips Sports" to follow their journey as they continue the path to becoming one of the best teams in the country. At the time of this article episode 4 of the Low Country Elite 2027 AAU Basketball documentary has been released.

View roster and updates at https://www.streatclips.com/lce-2027


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