Streat Clips AAU Player Rankings 2020

It's that time of year again where all of us basketball fans get excited! The NBA starts to turn it up, NCAA March Madness is in the air, and of course AAU basketball season is getting ready to start. With all of this quality basketball ramping up, Streat Clips Productions LLC is doing our part to create a stimulating basketball atmosphere right here in Charleston, South Carolina. This spring we will be posting a player of the month on our website, player and coach interviews from top teams, and player rankings. In this article you will find the purpose of our player ranking process, what specific age groups and areas will be targeted for rankings, why those areas were chosen, and how to get (and stay) ranked by Streat Clips.

"The Purpose"

Everyone wants to be seen, heard, and have their hardworking showcased. At Streat Clips Productions we are no different. The mission of the Streat Clips sports division is to create a platform for our athletes here in the Low Country area of South Carolina to show the world what we are all about. Streat Clips has branded the hashtag "WelcomeToThe843" as a way for Low Country athletes to show pride in where they are from. The purpose of the Streat Clips player ranking system is for basketball players to be showcased for their hard work and dedication to the game in a way that allows their peers, family, and teammates to see them.

"Who Is Eligible for Ranking"

All of the stipulations below were decided upon based on the fact that doing anything differently at this point would lower the accuracy of the rankings. So who will be eligible?

Gender: For the 2020 AAU season our Rankings will NOT be separated by gender. Male and female players will be ranked on the same scale. This means that both males and females will both contain an equal opportunity to be ranked.

Graduating Class: In order to be eligible for a Streat Clips player ranking for the 2020 AAU basketball season, players must be between the graduating classes of 2027-2021. Students that are home-schooled must be between ages 11 and 18.

Area: In order to be eligible for a Streat Clips player ranking for the 2020 AAU basketball season, players must be on a team that is based out of one of the following three counties;

Charleston County, South Carolina

Dorchester County, South Carolina

Berkeley County, South Carolina

We realize that the premise of AAU basketball is essentially that of traveling to different cities and states to play basketball, therefore ALL games played by your organization anywhere in the country/world will be accepted and taken into the stat polls as well as the ranking system. However in order for you as an individual to be eligible for a Streat Clips ranking your organization must be based out of one of the three counties mentioned above. For example: a player on a team based out of Charleston that submits stats/footage from a tournament in Miami WILL be excepted. However a player from a team based out of Miami that plays in a tournament in Charleston WILL NOT be accepted on the grounds that their organization is not based out of Charleston, Dorchester, or Berkeley county South Carolina.

Grades/Behavior: Students with significant grade and/or behavior issues WILL NOT be considered for a Streat Clips ranking. Here at Streat Clips Productions we are committed to creating and maintaining a standard of academic excellence for young athletes.

"How to get ranked

So now its time to answer the question that most of you probably came here to find the answer to. How do I get ranked by Streat Clips in 2020? Below we will break down the steps for entering yourself for a chance to be ranked followed by what factors go into the final decisions.

Step 1: Create a gmail if you do not already have one. An gmail address can be created relatively easy using google chrome. The reason this email MUST be a gmail is that when it comes time for you to upload the necessary file for your stats only a gmail will work. Be sure to write down your password somewhere so that you do not forget it. If you already have a gmail you are one step ahead of the game.

Step 2: Go to the bottom of our Streat Clips home page (pictured to the right) and put your email into the subscribe form and then click submit. This step is important so that when calculating player rankings we can verify that you are a real person and not a spammer or fake player. If your email is not one that is formally subscribed to our website than your information will be ignored.

Step 3: Now you are ready to upload your stats to our Streat Clips data base. You will do so using a form that can be accessed by clicking the button at the top of the player rankings page on our website (pictured below).

When you click on the button that says "click here" on the player rankings page it will bring you to the form that you must fill out to enter your stats.

READ ALL OF THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY. Forms that are submitted incorrectly will be discarded immediately. The form will also have a section for you to upload a picture of the stat sheet from the particular game that you are referencing. The stat sheet must be an official sheet filled out during the game by the scorers table, a coach, or a member of your organization over the age of 18. It must be some form of official score sheet and not just a sheet of paper with stats written on. Please keep in mind that if you do not have a gmail then your file will not be uploaded. If the stats that you entered on the form do not match the stats on the uploaded file then your form will be deleted and you will be flagged for dishonesty. Please understand that all of these precautions must be taken in order to prevent players from falsifying their stat scores. Also, please remember that if your gmail is not subscribed to our website then your identity will not be able to be verified and therefore your forms will be thrown out. You MUST fill out one of those online forms for each game that you play in so that your stats can be averaged out and put into the ranking formula.

"How Rankings are calculated"

Stats will be released for the month prior on the third day of the following month EX: The rankings for March will be updated on April 3rd. STATS ARE NOT THE ONLY THING THAT COUNTS TOWARD YOUR RANKING. Stats will play a big factor in your player ranking however they are not the only thing that counts. Do not assume that just because your stats are the highest you will be ranked the highest or ranked at all. Along with stats, things like "strength of schedule" and "team impact" will play a large role in affecting a players overall ranking. This means that if your team plays only in small tournaments and/or against other teams that are not as powerful your stats will be weighted less. Additionally, a poll of anonymous coaches from around the Low Country will be consulted before each ranking release to discuss your overall impact on the court as a player. These three things will make up Player ranking system.

Good luck, and #welcometothe843

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